Kuma plus control panel

The control panel that manages your pizzeria oven

Kuma plus control panel, designed and developed by KUMA FORNI to meet all pizza chefs’ needs in an easy, fast and intuitive way, offers you the opportunity to select your language. It is a versatile software, which can also be upgraded by KUMA FORNI. 

KUMA plus is a small size digital control panel which can be installed in very narrow work places. 

It is characterised by:

  • 3 selectable cooking programs (P1-P2-P3) with several cooking time and revolving speed settings that you can modify at any time during your oven operation. 
  • sound signal 10 seconds before the end of the cooking program
  • sound signal at the end of the cooking program
  • temperature control
  • cooking floor rotation in both directions
  • cooking floor revolving speed digital control
  • possibility to increase or decrease cooking time while the oven is working 
  • adjustable cooking time as needed
  • joystick 
  • button for manually switching on the power resistor or the gas burner under the cooking floor
  • selectable pizza unloading speed

Kuma Forni suggests installing the so-called "Computer Family" on the technological revolving ovens. It is an innovative control system, characterised by necessary elements to ensure a good quality pizza:

  • temperature control
  • rotation potentiometer
  • button for switching on the power resistor under the cooking floor
  • on/off button