Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions or is there anything you would like to know about our range of revolving pizza ovens? Would you like to receive any technical information? Do you have any enquiries about our ovens operation? On this page you will find our answers to some of the questions we are most frequently asked by our customers.

Do you install ovens even abroad?

Yes, we make installations of ovens on the Italian territory and abroad, where the high standards and the quality of the ovens are particularly appreciated. Some of our latest installations have happened: At London pizzeria of Wembley Hotel, Nick Takeaway, Pizza Face. in France at pizzeria “Peco... [read more]

What are the characteristics that make ovens unique?

The basic features that characterize the rotating pizza ovens are unique and patented: Always hot cooking floor, Housed power resistor or gas burner placed opposite to the firebox and under the cooking floor; Easy and fast control of the electronic components; First-rate materials used for man... [read more]

What is the technological revolution behind the rotating pizza oven?

The technological revolution at the base of the rotating pizza oven is the exclusive rotating mechanism, which makes the work of the pizza maker much simpler, no longer forced to continuously control the degree of cooking of the pizza. This permitt to save time, allowing the preparation of a greater... [read more]

Are all the materials used in the realization of pizza ovens made in Italy?

Yes, all our products are realized with made in Italy materials and patented technologies, which guaranteed high quality and a durable seal. The materials are precious, highly refractory, high in alumina content, mixed, inserted into the appropriate molds and immediately vibrated. This process allow... [read more]

What is the gas burner under the rotating oven floor used for?

The gas burner under the rotating oven floor is used for keeping the cooking floor always hot at the busiest time. The burner, characterized by an open flame system, releases more heat than the power resistor, thus it is ideal for big revolving ovens with a high number of pizzas to be cooked and mas... [read more]

What is the power resistor under the rotating oven floor used for?

The power resistor placed under the rotating oven floor is used for keeping the cooking floor always hot at the busiest time. Once pizzas are loaded, the oven floor heating power will be weakened and, at such busy time, the cooking floor will be less hot than what it should be to ensure fast and per... [read more]

How many pizzas can i cook by using revolving pizza ovens?

Our revolving pizza ovens ensure from a minimum of 50 to a maximum of 180 pizzas per hour.... [read more]

What temperature do pizzas have to be cooked at?

Pizzas have to be cooked at a temperature ranging from 280° to 320°. The specific temperature depends on the number of pizzas in the oven, on their leavening process, on the chef’s cooking preferences (some chefs prefer cooking pizzas for a shorter time but at a hotter temperature, some others prefe... [read more]

What are the differences between traditional and revolving pizza ovens?

Unlike traditional pizza ovens, our revolving oven ensures a uniform cooking method and an important saving of money as the pizza chef is just in charge of loading and unloading pizzas. Therefore, the revolving oven offers an economic advantage besides perfect cooked pizzas. Our ovens rotate and mov... [read more]

Does a revolving oven need much maintenance?

No, it doesn’t. A revolving oven does not need particular maintenance. Simple routine cleaning is recommended every 6 months in order to ensure a correct management of our oven. Moreover, keeping the cooking floor always clean is very important to get a healthy and delicious pizza, above all if you ... [read more]