Gas ovens

On this page Kuma Forni presents all its gas revolving oven models, perfect for pizzerias, bars and restaurants. Thanks to the gas burner placed in the cooking chamber, our gas ovens are very easy-to-use and they ensure a constant and high performance. Thanks to Kuma gas ovens, your pizzas will be even more delicious.

Gas pizza oven 105

The gas pizza oven 105 is the smallest Kuma gas revolving oven, it is able to cook 8 pizzas at the same time. This oven model, which ensures a more intuitive operational management than the traditional wood-fired revolving ovens, enables the pizzeria to save both time and money: it reduces the pizza... [read more]

Gas revolving pizza oven 125

The gas pizza oven 125 is the perfect solution for medium/large pizzerias and restaurants. Thanks to their rotating cooking floor, Kuma ovens facilitate pizza chef’s work: as the gas revolving ovens ensure uniformly cooked pizzas without human intervention, the pizza maker has just to load the pizza... [read more]

Gas pizza oven 140

The gas revolving pizza oven 140 is the largest Kuma gas oven. It is able to cook 14 pizzas at the same time and despite this great number of products, thanks to the rotating cooking floor, it ensures uniformly cooked pizzas without human intervention. By using the gas revolving pizza oven 140, you ... [read more]

Gas mini oven sx (left) 85

The gas mini oven SX (firebox on the left) 85 is the smallest revolving oven of the pizza oven industry. It is functional and practical and it is able to cook 60 pizzas in one hour. The gas mini oven SX 85 is a flagship designed by our expert technicians in order to meet the needs of small restauran... [read more]