Wood-fired ovens

If you are looking for wood-fired revolving pizza ovens for your pizzeria, bar, restaurant, you are on the right page! Kuma Forni is glad to present you its complete range of wood-fired ovens, manufactured with first-rate materials, that will help you to make your pizza really delicious.

Wood-fired pizza oven 105

Our wood-fired pizza oven 105 is a revolving oven perfect for pizzerias but also for those restaurants where pizza is included in the menu. The wood-fired oven 105 provides the rotating cooking floor with constant heat and as pizzas move alone inside it, a fast and uniform cooking method is guarante... [read more]

Wood-fired pizza oven 125

The wood-fired pizza oven 125 is a middle-sized revolving oven, perfect for pizzerias and restaurants with many customers. Thanks to its rotating cooking floor, the wood-fired pizza oven 125 is able to cook all loaded pizzas uniformly: it prevents the ones placed close to the fire from burning and t... [read more]

Wood-fired pizza oven 140

The wood-fired pizza oven 140 is a large oven, the perfect solution for big pizzerias with a great number of pizzas to be served each time. This oven enables pizza makers to cook 14 pizzas at the same time and it ensures uniformly cooked pizzas wherever they are placed on the cooking floor. Moreover... [read more]

Wood-fired mini oven sx (left) 85

The wood-fired mini oven SX (firebox on the left) 85 is the smallest oven we have. It is able to cook 60 pizzas in one hour. It was designed by our technicians for those who have not much space such as restaurants, bars, pubs, but also big pizzerias that need an additional quite small oven to face t... [read more]