Wood-fired mini oven sx (left) 85

The wood-fired mini oven SX (firebox on the left) 85 is the smallest oven we have. It is able to cook 60 pizzas in one hour. It was designed by our technicians for those who have not much space such as restaurants, bars, pubs, but also big pizzerias that need an additional quite small oven to face the busiest time. The wood-fired mini oven SX 85, the smallest oven ever designed, is equipped with all the same features of its “larger brothers” by Kuma Forni such as the oven access to the firebox, the adjacent burners with different access, the control panel etc… In just 20 minutes the wood-fired mini oven SX 85 with housed power resistor under the cooking floor reaches the right temperature (if it works every day). Thanks to its small size the wood-fired mini oven can be delivered already assembled. Once it is installed and connected to the flue, the start-up is really fast.

Specifications of the wood-fired mini oven SX 85:

  • Capacity 4 pizzas (Ø 33cm)
  • Rotating floor 85cm
  • Depth 125cm 
  • Width 145cm
  • Flue 20cm
  • Weight 1000kg

All our models can be sold with these finishes in one piece:

Metal dome

Mosaic dome

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