Wood-fired pizza oven 140

The wood-fired pizza oven 140 is a large oven, the perfect solution for big pizzerias with a great number of pizzas to be served each time. This oven enables pizza makers to cook 14 pizzas at the same time and it ensures uniformly cooked pizzas wherever they are placed on the cooking floor. Moreover, the rotation of the cooking surface helps pizzerias to save money: pizza maker’s costs can be reduced to zero, as in this case no human intervention is needed to check pizzas and to move them close to and away from the fire according to their cooking stage. Like all other models, the wood-fired pizza oven 140 is equipped with a technological control panel characterised by three cooking programs, sound signal 10 seconds before the end of the cooking program,  cooking floor rotation in both directions and other features that make this wood-fired pizza oven unique. The oven, also equipped with a housed power resistor under the cooking floor (and an optional gas burner), can have the firebox either on the right or on the left.

Our wood-fired oven 140 is equipped with: 

  • Housed power resistor placed under the cooking floor;
  • Optional gas burner placed under the cooking floor;
  • Technological control panel;
  • Temperature control;
  • Cooking floor rotation in both directions;
  • Joystick;

Specifications wood-fired revolving pizza oven 140:

  • Capacity 14 pizzas
  • Rotating floor 140cm
  • Depth 190cm 
  • Width 210cm
  • Flue 25cm
  • Weight 2000kg

All our models can be sold with these finishes in one piece:

Metal dome

Mosaic dome

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