Gas pizza oven 140

The gas revolving pizza oven 140 is the largest Kuma gas oven. It is able to cook 14 pizzas at the same time and despite this great number of products, thanks to the rotating cooking floor, it ensures uniformly cooked pizzas without human intervention. By using the gas revolving pizza oven 140, you will be able to serve not only many pizzas simultaneously in a faster way but also perfectly cooked products without spending money for a pizza maker who otherwise should move pizzas closer to or farther from the heat source.  Like all other Kuma ovens models, the gas revolving pizza oven 140 is equipped with an innovative control panel, patented by the company itself, which enables you to control the oven in a technological way, to select the temperature, to hear a sound signal when pizzas are almost ready and much more. The oven, also characterised by an automatic temperature control, has a housed power resistor and an optional gas burner under the cooking floor.

Specifications of the gas revolving pizza oven 140:

  • Capacity 14 pizzas (Ø 33cm)
  • Rotating floor 140cm
  • Depth 196cm 
  • Width 180cm
  • Flue 20cm
  • Weight 1700kg
  • Heat capacity 29Kw

All our models can be sold with these finishes in one piece:

Metal dome

Mosaic dome

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