Gas pizza oven 105

The gas pizza oven 105 is the smallest Kuma gas revolving oven, it is able to cook 8 pizzas at the same time. This oven model, which ensures a more intuitive operational management than the traditional wood-fired revolving ovens, enables the pizzeria to save both time and money: it reduces the pizza maker’s costs to zero as in case of a revolving oven he has not to move any pizzas. Moreover the gas oven 105 for pizzerias, restaurants and bars ensures a constantly heated and uniform cooking floor, thus serving perfectly cooked pizzas. The gas pizza oven 105 and all Kuma Forni wood-fired, gas and gas/wood-fired ovens were patented thanks to unique features such as:

  • Always hot cooking floor;
  • Housed power resistor placed under the cooking floor;
  • Optional gas burner placed under the cooking floor;
  • Easy and fast control of the electronic components;
  • First-rate materials used for manufacturing revolving ovens;
  • Energy-saving housed power resistor, which helps the oven to keep the cooking floor temperature steady during its operation.

Specifications of the gas revolving pizza oven 105:

  • Capacity 8 pizzas (Ø 33cm)
  • Rotating floor 110cm
  • Depth 166cm 
  • Width 140cm
  • Flue 20cm
  • Weight 1400kg
  • Heat capacity 29Kw

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