112 electric oven

The 112 electric oven is an ideal rotating oven for pizzerias, but also for restaurants that offer pizza in their menus and bars. The 112 electric rotating oven provides a constant heat to the stove and the pizzas cook quickly and smoothly by turning independently inside it. The pizzerias that want to buy the 112 electric ovens are in need of working in areas and towns where you do not have to use ovens with a high flame; no smoke emission.

Facilities of the electric 112 rotary oven:

  • In order to reach the temperature, the power consumption of the oven is 16 KW;
  • The oven has 4 series of 3 resistors each (2 at the top and 2 at the bottom);
  • The flue has a diameter of 100 mm. On the flue there is a technology that allows to open and close the flue in order to manage the condensation/vapour vent;
  • The computer allows you to manage the 12 resistors;
  • Technological and computerized system that manages the 12 heating elements;
  • Plate turns in both directions of movement;
  • The oven is adjustable; in fact, you can set the temperature on the display (ceiling and bedplate temperatures);
  • The oven is made of refractory cement that allows to keep the heat inside the oven. This fact means that the oven consumes a limited quantity of energy top maintain the heat;
  • The oven can reach 500 ° C;
  • The oven allows a natural cooking of the pizza because it is not ventilated;
  • The oven is equipped with wheels;
  • The oven is sold with metal or mosaic covering (that can be customized).

The only model available is the electric rotating oven 112 that can cook 8 pizzas (Ø 32 cm) per time.


  • Rotating top 112 cm
  • Depth 145 cm
  • Width 145 cm
  • Height 205 cm
  • Flue pipe 10 cm
  • Weight 800 kg

All our models can be sold with these finishes in one piece:

Metal dome

Mosaic dome

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